Our mission and core purpose as a church is to help people throughout the world grow closer to the Lord God Jesus Christ in His Second Coming, thereby finding happiness, peace, and meaning in their lives.

Our core values are as follows:

  • The Old Testament, New Testament, and Heavenly Doctrines are the Word of God and form the foundation for all that we do.
  • The truths we teach are applicable to everyday life and assist people in leading good and useful lives.
  • We establish and support Church congregations and schools.
  • We believe that systematic, doctrinally-based education is essential to the life and growth of the Church.
  • We value marriage between a man and a woman, and honor the unique and complementary nature of each sex.

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord's inmost joy was the salvation of the human race, which He had had in view in the union of Himself with His Father."

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