Board of directors

The Board of Directors manages the business, financial, and legal affairs of the General Church. These functions are administered by lay people with the Executive Bishop serving as the President of the organization as well as the chair of the Board.

The Board of Directors are elected from the lay membership of the General Church.  Each Director serves for a term of three years, and can be re-elected to a second and a third term.  The numbers after their names indicate in which term they are currently serving. 

You may contact the Board via email through the General Church Secretary of the Corporation at . But this email is not the only way of contacting the Board! Directors welcome one on one conversations about General Church uses, particularly within their oversight of budgets, governance, strategic activities and high level decision-making.

Terms expire 2022

  • Bau-Madsen, Darren  (1)
  • Bedford, Allen (1)
  • Brock, Beth (2)
  • Cole, Jesse(1)
  • Gyllenhaal, Charlotte  (1)
  • Hasen, Darryl G.  (3)
  • Hasen, Kirk  (2)
  • Hyatt , Brent H. (3)
  • Radcliffe, David (2)
  • Walko, John (1)

Terms Expire 2023

  • Alden, Kay (3)
  • Ball, Stephen (2)
  • Brown, Jake (3)
  • Carswell, Ian (3)
  • Coulibaly, Axel (2)
  • Ebert, Charles (2)
  • Fornander, Gustav (3)
  • Junge, Mary Jane (3)
  • King, Ethan (2)
  • McQueen, Catherine (1)

Terms Expire 2024

  • Berridge, John (1)
  • Buick, Wade (3)
  • Horigan, Barbara (1)
  • Johnson, Rene (2)
  • Klippenstein, Stephanie (3)
  • Carswell-Smith, Brynna (1)
  • Uber, James (2)
  • Uber, Ned (3)
  • Wadsworth, Wayne (2)
  • Woker, Tanya (1)



  • Rt. Rev. Peter Buss Jr. (Executive Bishop), President
  • Rt. Rev. Bradley Heinrichs, Vice President
  • Rt. Rev. David Lindrooth, Vice President
  • David Frazier, CAO and Treasurer
  • Rene Johnson, Secretary 

Daily Inspiration

"As long as our trials continue, we think the Lord is absent,... sometimes to the point where despair almost prevents us from believing God exists at all. But the Lord is closer then than we can possibly believe."

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