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Everyone is faced with trials and difficulties as they go through life. It may seem that some people have it easier than others. When you are faced with a real challenge, it can be difficult to know where to turn. For some people, religion or faith provides a basis to keep them going. But for others, religion seems to raise too many questions of its own; the Bible is full of apparent contradictions, or things that don’t make sense in light of what we experience or know. Is religion relevant in the world today?

The New Church provides a refreshing framework for understanding the Bible, and religion, and how to apply it to everyday life. Explore the pages in the Spiritual Concepts section for answers about religious concepts that make sense, and pages in the Life Issues section to explore crises, conflicts, and issues that many people are faced with in their lives.

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"It is a law of the divine design that the closer and closer we come to God, which is something we have to do as if we were completely on our own, the closer and closer God comes to us. When we meet, God forms a partnership with us."

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