Choosing happiness2009 Issue 1 (ISSN 2163-7768)

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As a new parent, I’ve recently come to think that happiness is a good night’s sleep. On exhausting days I might even say happiness is five minutes to myself, a clean floor, or something actually going as planned.

Some faith traditions put aside the notion that happiness is part of a spiritual path. Some say that happiness is not possible and we must accept that life is full of suffering.

Perhaps happiness is in acceptance itself. When I look back over my life, the moments when I was truly happy were when I was fully present, whether big (my wedding day, the birth of my son) or small (a cup of tea with my husband). When I stopped regretting what could have been, or anticipating what might be, I felt a sense of happiness. So how does one increase happy states in life? Well, that is what this issue is all about.

bronwenWith peace,

Daily Inspiration

"Divine Providence has as its end in view a person's eternal salvation, thus not their great happiness in the world, not - that is to say - wealthiness and eminence which people during their lifetime think real happiness consists in."

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