Easter2007 Issue 1 (ISSN 2163-7768)

One of our primary goals at General Church Outreach is to help all people explore and embrace the beautiful teachings of the New Church that are a path to a deep commitment with a loving God.

The theme of this issue is Easter. There are so many questions that come up in this story about the nature of God, the purpose of His time on earth, and the impact of His journey on our lives. We thought it would be useful to dedicate an entire issue to exploring some of these ideas.

One of the most inspiring parts of the Easter Story, for me, is knowing that the Lord knows my struggles and challenges and has already overcome them. Whatever I’m doing, I find great comfort knowing the Lord is with me.

May you feel the Lord’s presence as you remember the many things He has done and continues to do for you.

Bronwen HenryBronwen Henry, General Church Outreach

Daily Inspiration

"Divine Providence has as its end in view a person's eternal salvation, thus not their great happiness in the world, not - that is to say - wealthiness and eminence which people during their lifetime think real happiness consists in."

Arcana Coelestia 6481