Small group study: Gospel of Luke

Small-group---Luke---tnThis time, our small group outline is set up a bit differently than in the past. It is organized with readings from the Gospel of Luke on a daily basis, starting with Dec 1, to map onto the Christmas season.

You may use these ideas as best serves your purposes. One way to approach it for small group discussion is to have each member read the passages on a daily basis, and ask themselves the following questions each day:

  1. What? (What does it say? Summarize/Paraphrase the reading)
  2. So What? (What significance does that have to you?)
  3. Now What? (How do you respond to the message in the reading? What does it call you to do or not do? Say or not say? Be or not be?)

Then, in a weekly small group meeting, follow the usual "Suggested Basic Structure for Your Weekly Get Together" shown in the right sidebar,  using the above 3 questions as discussion topics.

Daily Readings & topics

All readings are from the Gospel of Luke.

Dec. 1: Luke 1 - Prophecies

Dec. 2: Luke 2 - Jesus is Born

Dec. 3: Luke 3 - Prepare the Way

Dec. 4: Luke 4 - Overcoming in Temptation

Dec. 5: Luke 5 - Disciples and Paralysis

Dec. 6: Luke 6 - Sabbath Revision and Enemies

Dec. 7: Luke 7 - Healing Faith

Dec. 8: Luke 8 - Seeds and Storms

Dec. 9: Luke 9 - Feeding and Foreshadowing

Dec. 10: Luke 10 - Loving Your Neighbor

Dec. 11: Luke 11 - Prayer & Integrity

Dec. 12: Luke 12 - Hypocrisy and Humility

Dec. 13: Luke 13 - Repentance

Dec. 14: Luke 14 - Following Jesus

Dec. 15: Luke 15 - Lost and Found

Dec. 16: Luke 16 - Stewardship

Dec. 17: Luke 17 - Forgiveness and Faith

Dec. 18: Luke 18 - How to Let Go

Dec. 19: Luke 19 - Jesus Celebrated

Dec. 20: Luke 20 - Jesus Challenged and Questioned

Dec. 21: Luke 21 - Misfortune Telling & Redemption

Dec. 22: Luke 22 - Betrayal

Dec. 23: Luke 23 - Jesus Killed

Dec. 24: Luke 24 - Renewal

Dec. 25: Happy Christmas!


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Daily Inspiration

"Since the Lord's face is mercy, peace, and all good, it is clear that He always looks with mercy on anybody, and never turns His face away from anybody. Instead it is mankind, when governed by evil, who turns away their face."

Arcana Coelestia 233