Choosing a spiritual path


Q When many paths lead to peace, why would one choose a New Christian Spirituality?

a Spiritual growth is about relationships—your relationship with God and your relationships with other people. The New Church offers insight into a relationship with a loving, human God, the Lord Jesus Christ: the source of all true love. The New Church clearly teaches steps that support individuals cultivating healthy relationships. Those steps involve self observation in the light of teachings such as the Ten Commandments; turning away from negative behaviors because they distance us from God and His life; beginning a new life; and constant prayer to Him because He knows perfectly how best to lift us out of these negative behaviors that only lead to isolation and loneliness. As we walk out of our old life the Lord leads us into a new one that is blessed with the peace and contentment of heaven—a life that helps us to positively impact the lives of others. Part of the power of the New Christian spirituality is knowing that the Lord lived and walked among us as Jesus Christ. He modeled this life for us showing us how to love, serve and overcome adversity with compassionate wisdom.

Daily Inspiration

"Those who receive faith in the Lord are made alive."

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