Navigating family relationships2010 Issue 5 (ISSN 2163-7768)

"Think global. Act local.”

I have heard this expression in many contexts. Today, I invite you to consider it in terms of family relationships.

If you have a vision and a hope for a peaceful world, strive to bring this harmony into your “local” relationships: those within your family.

Sometimes these are the relationships we struggle with most, and they often provide the most opportunities to apply our growing knowledge of how to live well.

As contributions for this issue came across my desk, I noticed the positive impact the ideas had on my own relationships. I’m confident that, if you apply the ideas presented here, you will observe similar changes.

Navigating family relationships can be a beautiful thing. And who knows? Maybe your local intention and action will make a global impact.

Bronwen Henry
Bronwen Henry
Managing Editor
& Creative Director

Daily Inspiration

"[Angels] are upset if anyone attributes to them any wisdom or intelligence at all, for they know and perceive that it would be taking away from the Divine that which is His."

Arcana Coelestia 4295:2