Life issues

Can religion help you with everyday life issues?

Some people think of religion as something ethereal, about life-after-death (if there is such a thing), but not applying to real life. They may say they are 'spiritual' but not 'religious,' or may find that everyday life overshadows religion. For others, religion seems hypocritical. In the New Church, we see religion as a way of helping us in our everyday life, a way to help us be happier, more productive people. Religion shouldn't get in the way of life and happiness, it should lead to it! Life can be hard! There are so many things that we each have to face in life, and it's often hard to find answers.

Sometimes your faith can waver, you can wonder how God could allow terrible things to happen. Can there really be a God, if such tragedies exist? Explore this in God doesn't make bad things happen.

Browse this section for articles and insights about things we all face in life. Everyday things; hard times and good times. And get in touch with us... we'd love to help if we can!

"All religion relates to life." (New Church theology, Doctrine of Life)

Daily Inspiration

"When we know what is true from our faith, understand it in our own way, and then want it to happen and act on it, we build up a conscience."

New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine 131