Moses at the burning bush

Read the story in Exodus 3

What does it mean in my life?

The burning bush represents the Word of God, the Bible, the vehicle for the truth the Lord gives us. With the small beginnings of a new life, we can hear those truths in a new, living way. Things aren’t quite as hopeless as they seemed before. From the top of Mount Horeb, Egypt looks different.

From the safety of a mountaintop, Pharaoh doesn’t appear so invincible, and there is hope that his power can be broken after all. To be on the mountaintop, hearing the Lord from the flame of fire, is to experience a time of spiritual enlightenment and inspiration. Being at the base of the mountain is like parents who are overwhelmed and don’t know how to handle their rebellious teenager. But by looking to the Lord from the top of the mountain they receive hope and reassurance and have the confidence to again approach their teenager in a healthy, supportive way. In these times we see our lives from above. We are touched by the flame of the Lord’s love, and we have hope.

Excerpted from Journey to Freedom spiritual growth program — Week 2, Day 4

Daily Inspiration

"You cannot be spiritually reborn without some knowledge of the new or spiritual life, of the true things that you ought to believe and the good things that you ought to do. You cannot learn these things on your own, because on your own you can comprehend things only through your physical senses. Your physical senses give you information about the material world and yourself, not about heaven and God. Spiritual knowledge comes only from revelation."

New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine 177