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There are many ways to get involved with the life of the New Church

The New Church is a new Christianity that provides a clear path to happiness and addresses your questions about God, love, and life with answers that make sense. The teachings are immediately practical and deeply spiritual: it is a religion to be lived, not just believed. It's a religion that helps you to explore the Bible in ways that can have immediate application to your life.

This corner of the website offers information that will help you to actively incorporate New Church theology into your life. Use this section to bring Church values into your home, participate in church activities, and impact the lives of others in a positive way, whether or not you are a member.

This is your window to Small Group opportunities, Spiritual Growth programs (happening either online or in local communities), online worship capabilities, discussion forums, blogs, and ways to start a New Church group. You can also find church camps to attend.

Whether you are a church member or new to the New Church, we hope that you will find ways to get involved with the life of the church and consequently enrich your life as well as that of the church and its members.

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Daily Inspiration

"It is a law of the divine design that the closer and closer we come to God, which is something we have to do as if we were completely on our own, the closer and closer God comes to us. When we meet, God forms a partnership with us."

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