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Has your life been transformed by a New Church teaching? By your experience in a New Church Congregation?

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Tips when writing your story

  • You do not need to tell your whole story. Choose one aspect or turning point on your spiritual journey that you want to highlight.
  • When referencing church or school organizations give context and don’t assume the reader is familiar with the organized General Church, Academy etc.
  • Similarly, when mentioning persons, do not assume the reader knows the person's title/background etc. For example instead of saying “Bob Jones” say “Pastor Bob Jones”.
  • If you want to share a portion of your personal journey but don’t feel confident in your writing, you can coordinate an interview with a New Church Connection staff person to co-write the article. Contact the editor for more information on this process.

How to submit your story

Please submit an electronic copy of your story (900-1200 words) to

Daily Inspiration

"You cannot be spiritually reborn without some knowledge of the new or spiritual life, of the true things that you ought to believe and the good things that you ought to do. You cannot learn these things on your own, because on your own you can comprehend things only through your physical senses. Your physical senses give you information about the material world and yourself, not about heaven and God. Spiritual knowledge comes only from revelation."

New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine 177