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Has your life been transformed by a New Church teaching? By your experience in a New Church Congregation?

We invite you to contribute your story.

Tips when writing your story

  • You do not need to tell your whole story. Choose one aspect or turning point on your spiritual journey that you want to highlight.
  • When referencing church or school organizations give context and don’t assume the reader is familiar with the organized General Church, Academy etc.
  • Similarly, when mentioning persons, do not assume the reader knows the person's title/background etc. For example instead of saying “Bob Jones” say “Pastor Bob Jones”.
  • If you want to share a portion of your personal journey but don’t feel confident in your writing, you can coordinate an interview with a New Church Connection staff person to co-write the article. Contact the editor for more information on this process.

How to submit your story

Please submit an electronic copy of your story (900-1200 words) to [email protected].

Daily Inspiration

"Let anyone who wishes to be happy for evermore know and believe that they are going to be alive after death; ...[and] that the Word is the one and only teacher of how a person should live in the world in order to be happy for evermore."

Arcana Coelestia 8939:3