Welcome! Who are we?

We are a New Christianity offering a spiritual framework to live by and supplying answers to difficult life-questions. Our church supports each individual in forging a personal relationship with God and connection with those around us, providing direction, strength, and peace for everyday life. This is key to everything we stand for: the two great commandments to love God and love the neighbor.

Whether you're looking for a warm church community or seeking a more meaningful spiritual practice, the New Church opens its doors to you. Please browse our website for more information. We invite you to learn more about us; who we are, and what we stand for.

We're so glad that your spiritual journey has led you here. We hope to welcome you to a church service this Sunday, either locally or online! Please contact us with your questions.

For someone wanting to learn more, to go into more depth than reading our Summary of Beliefs web pages, there is an online, or email program called Foundations, which is an introduction to the New Church. It looks deeper at questions about God, life after death, the Bible, spiritual growth, and the New Church perspective on these ideas.

Daily Inspiration

"It is a law of the divine design that the closer and closer we come to God, which is something we have to do as if we were completely on our own, the closer and closer God comes to us. When we meet, God forms a partnership with us."

True Christianity 89