Helping Children in Crisis

Make a Gift to the Helping Children in Crisis Fund

The General Church Helping Children in Crisis (CIC) fund was formed to facilitate the care of children in crisis by creating an organization to connect those in need with the resources and people that can help.

The CIC's current mission is the General Church Sacred Care Orphanage in Kenya run by Rev. Samson Abuga and Pamela Masese. This is a brand new orphanage whose residents are composed of both children within Rev. Samson's congregation and displaced children from the Riounde orphanage.

The situation is dire in Kenya, and any amount will make a difference in the lives of these children. All of your money will go directly towards building needed infrastructure, feeding, clothing, medicating, and educating the 65 orphaned New Church children residing at the General Church Sacred Care Orphanage.

To support a child with a full ($800) or partial (half $400, quarter $200) annual sponsorship, please include “SPONSORSHIP” in the comments section.

To support the emergency aid fund, please include “EMERGENCY AID” in the comments section.

Daily Inspiration

"You cannot be spiritually reborn without some knowledge of the new or spiritual life, of the true things that you ought to believe and the good things that you ought to do. You cannot learn these things on your own, because on your own you can comprehend things only through your physical senses. Your physical senses give you information about the material world and yourself, not about heaven and God. Spiritual knowledge comes only from revelation."

New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine 177