Believing is seeing: healing our blindnessby Rev. Grant Schnarr

We are living in an unsettling time. Emotions are high, opinions stronger than ever, and charity wanes.

Type of Event: Worship Service: Sermon only
Date Recorded: 17 Jan, 2021
Location: Bryn Athyn Cathedral

We can think we are right and others are blind. But all of us are blind to some degree, from ignorance and from evil. But the key to seeing is the same – to allow the Lord to heal us with His strong truth and call to repentance, to open our eyes, even to the point that we not only see the truth about life, but our sight is opened to the Lord himself.


Rev. Grant Schnarr


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"The Lord's church is spread throughout the whole world. It is universal, then, and consists of all individuals who have lived in the virtue of thoughtfulness according to the principles of their religions."

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