Choose Joy Now!

New Church Groups invites you to an exciting new group, "Choose Joy Now!" It is a free six-week course beginning May 2 that encourages you to engage with your spiritual growth, with the fun and support of a group setting.

We are lucky enough to welcome Clark Echols (MDiv, LPCC), as our guide, a group leader with over 35 years of experience. Clark says, "negative forces are constantly influencing us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Choosing joy in the moment begins by becoming aware of those traps. Awareness leads to freedom as we intentionally choose higher, nobler, and more uplifting influences."

While not a Journey program, this course will be familiar to those who have previously used Journey materials. Each week you will focus on a spiritual task, designed to practice mindfulness, connection, and, of course, joy! As a group, with safe guidelines, participants discuss and support each other, and wonderful things can happen. All are welcome.

Daily Inspiration

"Unless we DO what we intend, there is a lack of real intention inside that eventually becomes unwillingness."

Divine Providence 151.1