Facing a barren futureby Rev. Eric Carswell

There are times when we feel empty or drained or worried. What can we do?

Type of Event: Worship Service: Informal Family
Date Recorded: 12 Aug, 2018
Location: Bryn Athyn Heilman Hall
Topics: Hope / Positive Living

A widow asked Elisha for help. She was afraid she would lose her sons because of debts she had. Elisha told her to gather many pots and jars. Then she was to pour oil into them from the small jar she had. When we are feeling empty and concerned for future happiness sometimes the best thing to do is recognize some area of life into which you can put caring and attention.


Rev. Eric Carswell


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"There is no such thing as mere chance and what seems to be haphazard, or fortune, is Providence at work in the last and lowest degree of order, in which all things are subject to comparative inconstancy."

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