Grand Human Project

Maybe you have fond memories of your church growing up, but feel disconnected now. Maybe you're really excited about some spiritual ideas but have no one to share it with. Maybe your church friends are really far away. Maybe you're a searcher, looking for something new to reconnect you with spirituality and God and want to experience that with others. The Grand Human Project is designed just for you! Spiritual groups are amazing, but sometimes it's difficult to find one that is both local and fits your schedule. But centered in an online environment, these spiritual groups can connect disconnected people from all over the world. 

Specifically, the GrandHumanProject is an online community for people who are interested in the New Church to interact, grow, and share together as they navigate out their spiritual paths. Though inspired and fueled by the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, this community is a safe place for anyone from any background, as the name "Grand Human Project" itself is derivative of Swedenborg's idea of the "Grand Human", a visual idea of heaven's perfection in variety and use, with souls from all religious persuasions. 

So check out the website at and create a profile to get started, get connected, and grow!

Daily Inspiration

"Love has service as its goal... love tends toward service... love brings about service through wisdom."

Divine Love and Wisdom 297