Master of Arts in Religious Studies – Winter/Spring 2018

Bryn Athyn College’s Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Bryn Athyn College’s Master of Arts in Religious Studies (MARS) offers an in-depth study of the Heavenly Doctrine.  Students can link doctrinal courses with their own areas of interest.    Courses are offered at Bryn Athyn College and simultaneously on Skype.  Flexible dates and times accommodate a busy workday. Auditors are welcome at a reduced cost.

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The courses listed below are those planned for the 2017-18 school year:


Beginning week of January 2nd 2018

Church History 587. Divine Presence over Five Dispensations

A study of how the Lord addressed the changing spiritual needs of humanity in the five churches described in Heavenly Doctrine.  Demonstrates why the New Church is the “crown” of the churches.

Seminar. 5 sessions

Credits: 1.5
Staff  Rev. Stephen Cole

Beginning week of February 5th

Theology 513. Transitions, Perspectives of Death and Resurrection

This course explores the role of society in the death experience, the psychological states leading to and from death, and the New Church teaching on the resuscitation process.

Seminar. 3 sessions

Credits: 1
Drs. Jane Williams-Hogan, Erica Hyatt and Andrew Dibb


Theology 522: The Doctrine of Life          April 2 – May 4

The nature and practice of religion, the foundation of the Ten Commandments, and the role of human choice.5 sessions, 1.5 credits – Rev. Grant Odhner


Religious Studies 550:  Swedenborg’s Life and Times


The Swedish context for Swedenborg’s intellectual and spiritual development, call, and revelatory works. Examines the geography, history, culture, and society of Sweden in Swedenborg’s time.

Seminar. 10 Sessions

3 Credits.
Dr. Jane Williams-Hogan



Theology 501: Heavenly Doctrines as Systematic Theology.

An introduction to important perspectives on general theology and the Heavenly Doctrines by studying the core teachings and the interrelationship of major New Church doctrines.

Seminar. 10 Sessions

3 Credits
Rev. P.A. Rogers

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