Palm Sunday with people around the world

Celebrate Palm Sunday from home with people around the world

This is Pastor Malcolm Smith from New Church Westville in South Africa. This year, due to the coronavirus crisis, in Westville and around the world people will be celebrating Palm Sunday from home instead of gathering together in person. We thought it would be fun to still have some way of celebrating Palm Sunday together so we're encouraging people in our local congregation to still cut down palm branches, or find other palm-like branches, or make palm branches using craft supplies (see instructions below) and have a little procession at home. 
It can feel a bit lame and pointless to go to the effort to do this thing on your own and so, to hopefully make it feel more worth it, we're encouraging you to take a picture of your at home Palm Sunday celebration and send it to us so that we can put together a little video of New Church people celebrating Palm Sunday at home, around the world. (By the way, this isn't just for families with young children; adults on their own can have fun with this too.)
The good people at General Church Education have kindly agreed to put the video together so, if you'd like to participate, please email your photos to Higher resolution photos are better but we'll take whatever photos you want to send us. If you don't know anything about resolution, just send us what you've got.
Please also let us know where you are in the world so that we can include where the photos are from in the video.
The deadline for sending in photos will be 10pm EDT on Monday, 6 April.
Also, please note that by sending us your photos you are giving us permission to publish them online in the video we're planning. 
We also encourage you to post the photos you take on social media and use the hashtag #palmsundayfromhome if you're so inclined.
Speaking of sharing, please tell other people about this little project. This is definitely a "the more the merrier" kind of situation. Everyone who wants to take part is very welcome.
We will post the video on and various other places sometime in the week leading up to Easter.

How to Make a Palm Branch

Here are simple instructions for two different ways of making a palm branch: Make a palm branch (PDF)

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