Sen. Elizabeth Dole invites you to a service about moving beyond tragedy

I want to personally invite you to share with us a deeply inspiring story this Sunday (September 22) at 10:30am EDT as we welcome back Marjorie and Matt Pennington.

The context is simple... in our spiritual lives, our first steps often are not steps we choose but steps that are instead forced upon us as we face the inevitable challenges of life.

For Marjorie and Matt that moment came when Matt,in 2006, was seriously wounded in combat while serving in Iraq.

Marjorie will be sharing about her role as a military caregiver, a journey she details in her recent book, "Bringing the War Home: The Life of a Military Caregiver."

For years now, this couple has inspired me. They are humble, caring, courageous. And their story will leave you filled with hope.

Pastor Chuck

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord's presence with us first becomes possible when we love our neighbor."

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