Terrorism in Charlottesville

The events in Charlottesville show the effects of hate-based organizations such as the KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazi, etc.

The message of the Bible is totally against that – it is a message of love, not hate. Jesus exemplified love in action. He showed gentleness and humility, but also spoke up courageously for the poor, the oppressed, the lepers, the adulterers, the sinners, and the outcasts. He not only spoke up for them, but he touched them, sat with them, ate with them, loved them, was one of them and didn’t put himself above them. He said, “I am among you as one who serves.” (Luke 22:27).

Christ’s call is a call to service; we need to treat others well because our actions (and inactions) have a big impact. What kind of love are we talking about? The kind that is not blind, but wise. The kind of love that can survey a challenging circumstance, and offer what is needed. This kind of wise love can be gentle, leading us to admit our faults and ask for forgiveness, or it can be firm, calling us to resist injustice. It is about developing an open-hearted, open-minded attitude so that our actions naturally flow from our love for others.

With this kind of attitude, we don’t have to work so hard to do good. Good things will certainly happen if we choose to act from love, and if we have a willingness to be loved by others along the way.

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord's presence with us first becomes possible when we love our neighbor."

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