How can we be born again?by Rev. Derrick Lumsden

The process of new life

Type of Event: Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon
Date Recorded: 23 Jul, 2017
Location: Sarver, PA
Topics: The Lord / God, Regeneration / Spiritual Growth

The Lord calls us into a spiritual process of becoming mature. This process is compared to the from of birth, from conception to adult maturity. This process is called being born again because we leave behind an old life and take on a new one. This process is described by the days of creation, but we cannot know in detail where we are while in this world. The whole process is something the Lord does, when we learn and live His truth.

John 3:1-21; Ezek 37:1-10; TCR 583; 1Cor 13:11-12


Rev. Derrick Lumsden


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Daily Inspiration

"You cannot be spiritually reborn without some knowledge of the new or spiritual life, of the true things that you ought to believe and the good things that you ought to do. You cannot learn these things on your own, because on your own you can comprehend things only through your physical senses. Your physical senses give you information about the material world and yourself, not about heaven and God. Spiritual knowledge comes only from revelation."

New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine 177