West Coast Palm Sunday/Holy Supper Service

I am very happy to invite you to a special Palm Sunday/Easter Service that we are broadcasting live from the Bryn Athyn Cathedral that is aimed to serve the needs of the church in the West who don’t live near to a congregation.  The service will include an ‘online Holy Supper Service’ which you are warmly invited to participate in.  I am including a recipe for Holy Supper bread below so you can make your own unleavened bread before the service.  When you are ready to join the service click on this Link (or enter it into your web browser and it will take you to the broadcast: https://brynathynchurch.org/cathedral/live-services/

There will be special music beginning about 10 minutes before 4 (West Coast time). Please share this invitation with anyone you know who might like to attend.

Rt. Rev. David Lindrooth


Here are the details of the service:

We will use “the Blue Liturgy” to sing all songs and we will follow this order of service:

                Ten minutes of preludes

Opening Hymn:  984, All Glory, Praise and Honor

Opening of the Word and invitation to prayer

Pastor’s Prayer followed by the Lord’s Prayer

Hymn:  986, Shout the Glad Tidings

Lessons and Talk together from the middle of the chancel

Hymn:  907, Break Thou the Bread of Life

Instruction and Explanation of the Holy Supper


Holy Supper Readings and Administration

Holy Supper Blessing

Hymn:  992, The Lord has Risen Again

Closing Prayer, Benediction and Closing of the Word

Closing Hymn: 991, Christ the Lord has Risen Today



Holy Supper Recipe:

Unleavened Bread

1 Cup of flour (preferably from whole wheat meal).

½ Teaspoon of salt.

3 Teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of good olive oil.

 3 – 5 Teaspoons of water ( enough to make it stick together )

Suggest that it be pressed into pie pan.

Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes or less.

(I find that I need the amounts of oil and water vary somewhat depending on conditions to get the bread to stick together.  Don’t worry about that – it is an ancient recipe that predates modern measuring cups, etc.)

As for the wine, a simple unfortified red grape wine.

(please feel free to contact me with any questions at David.lindrooth@newchurch.org

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