What does it mean to genuinely worship God?

Religion can be complicated. So what does it mean to genuinely worship God?
Explore how true worship is not an external ritual, but a way of life.

"When people today talk about worship of God, they mainly mean worshiping with one’s lips in a church and [private prayers] morning and evening. However, it is not these that are the essential components in worship of God, but rather a life of useful activity. Worshiping by living a useful life accords with the arrangement ordained for heaven. Worship of the lips too is worship, but it does no good whatever unless we worship with our lives, because that is heartfelt worship. If worship of the lips is really to be worship, it must grow out of living worship." (Emanuel Swedenborg, Secrets of Heaven 7884)

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"The Lord's presence with us first becomes possible when we love our neighbor."

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