When Moses is gone too longby Rt. Rev. Peter Buss, Sr.

Type of Event: Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon
Date Recorded: 22 Sep, 2019
Location: Westville, RSA (www.newchurchwestville.co.za)
Topics: Forgiveness / Repentance

Imagine that you are in this beautiful world, but there is a canvas sheet a few feet above your head. You can go on living, but a lot is lost. This describes a condition with good people who are trying to go to heaven. But there is a danger. The story of the golden calf the people made when Moses was up on the mountain for too long tells of a danger of earthly life and how we combat it.


Rt. Rev. Peter Buss, Sr.


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"You cannot have humility when you love only yourself. Self-love is hard, and love to the Divine is soft. Self-love must be wholly crushed."

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