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Swedenborg's Books

New Christian Bible Study

newchristianbiblestudy-iconNew Christian Bible Study  ( has a simple to use interface for browsing the individual books. Click on a book from the left menu list it provides, and click the "Read Next" button to progress through the sections of the book. This site also provides insights into the meaning of popular Bible stories, as well as access to the Bible. A search mechanism is provided, both for Swedenborg's Writings and the Bible.

Visit allows a user to read or browse the individual books, and also provides a search mechanism for the books.


New Church is geared more towards searching Swedenborg's Writings. It provides the most fully-featured search capability, allowing users to search for specific topics, find exact quotations, and view the original Latin text. This site also includes the capability to search within issues of New Church Life magazine. The user interface will be more difficult for those who want to browse through the Writings.


Swedenborg Foundation

newchristianbiblestudy-iconThe Swedenborg Foundation publishes Swedenborg's Writings, and makes them available as free PDFs and free e-Books which you can download, as well as low-cost Kindle books..


The Swedenborg Library Digital Collection (at, brings together a selection of correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, books, journals, maps and other materials that document the life and works of Emanuel Swedenborg, and the history of the New Church. These digital images are fully searchable and are available for private use, scholarly research and educational purposes.

New Church Education

New Church Vineyard - materials for Sunday school

New Church School Finder - give your child an education founded on religious principles

New Church Audio and Video

NC Video

NC Audio

New Church Publications

Articles on Spiritual Concepts

New Church Life

publications-nc-life-iconA bi-monthly print magazine devoted to the teachings revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg. New Church Life serves as the official publication of the General Church of the New Jerusalem.

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Caring for Marriage

publications-caring-for-marriage-iconA bi-monthly magazine devoted to the protection, support, and celebration of marriage. PDFs are available for each issue, which you can download or read.


Theta Alpha Journal

publications-thetaalphajournal-iconA biannual print magazine devoted to the furtherance of New Church education. Theta Alpha Journal serves as the official publication of Theta Alpha International.

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New Church Connection Magazine

Prayer-more-than-wordsLooking for a way to bring New Church ideas into your life? Although no longer in print, archived issues of this magazine connect you with a New Christian spirituality for everyday life.

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Policies and reports

General Church policies

General Church reports

Daily Inspiration

"As long as our trials continue, we think the Lord is absent,... sometimes to the point where despair almost prevents us from believing God exists at all. But the Lord is closer then than we can possibly believe."

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