Is a poor work/life balance a form of evil?

Is the balance between work/life and other parts of our lives a spiritual issue?

"To live for others is to perform uses. Uses are the bonds of society, and there are as many bonds as good uses, which is an infinite number. There are spiritual uses associated with love to God and love toward your neighbor. There are moral and civil uses associated with love for society and the community where the person is and for the companions and countrymen whom he is with. There are mundane uses having to do with love of the world and its necessities. And there are bodily uses associated with a love for keeping your body fit for the higher uses. All these uses are inscribed on the person and follow step-by-step, one after the other, and when two are together, one is within the other."
(Emanuel Swedenborg, Conjugial Love 18)

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"The Lord's presence with us first becomes possible when we love our neighbor."

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