The fundamental difference between heaven and hell

If heaven and hell are real, what are they? What makes them different?

"A state of heaven for us is the union of what is good and true within us, and a state of hell is a union of what is evil and false within us."
(Emanuel Swedenborg, Heaven and Hell 422)

"The delight and bliss of heaven consists in doing what is good to a person and contributing to their eternal salvation, so conversely does the delight of hell consist in doing ill to a person and bringing about their eternal ruin, so that heaven and hell have contrary motivations." (Swedenborg, Secrets of Heaven 5864)

"Heaven ... means a heartfelt wishing better for others than for oneself, and serving others for the sake of their happiness with no thought of reward, simply out of love." (Swedenborg, Heaven and Hell 408)

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Daily Inspiration

"[Angels] are upset if anyone attributes to them any wisdom or intelligence at all, for they know and perceive that it would be taking away from the Divine that which is His."

Arcana Coelestia 4295:2