New Church Life

New Church Life is a monthly magazine devoted to the teachings revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg. It is the official journal of the General Church of the New Jerusalem and has been published continuously since 1881.

The magazine typically includes:

  • Sermons
  • Doctrinal articles
  • Editorials
  • Book Reviews

Because it has been published for over 100 years, New Church Life is valued by many readers as a resource for study of the doctrinal thought of the church and as a repository of information on the history of the church organization.

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Current Issue

July/August 2019 (PDF)
Inside this issue:

  • Editorials: Between Dream and Destiny • The Conjugial Element in All Doctrine
  • Proudly General Church: A Status Report on the General Church The Rt. Rev. Peter M. Buss Jr.
  • Cramming for Our Finals – The Rev. Robert S. Jungé
  • Bryn Athyn College Commencement Address: ‘Transformative’ Gregory L. Baker Ph.D.
  • Academy Secondary Schools Commencement Address: Choices, Consequences, Responsibility – Gail R. Cooper
  • Loving and Serving One’s Country – A Sermon The Rev. Michael D. Gladish
  • A Song for the Sabbath Day – A Sermon by the Rev. Grant H. Odhner
  • Book Review: Rise Above It: Spiritual Development for College Students by the Rev. Dr. Ray and Star Silverman Reviewed by Dr. Kurt Frey
  • About Kingdoms, Heavens and Societies – Vance Genzlinger
  • A Layman’s Statement of Faith – Martin E. Klein
  • Church News

Daily Inspiration

"Faith is the eye of love, since it is from love through faith that the Lord is seen, love being the life of faith."

Arcana Coelestia 3863