Theta Alpha Journal

Theta Alpha Journal is a semi-annual magazine (normally published in October and April) devoted to the furtherance of New Church education. It is the official journal of Theta Alpha International, an organization open to all women interested in supporting New Church education.

The magazine typically includes articles on education, articles on life’s lessons in the light of New Church doctrine, addresses and minutes from the Theta Alpha International annual meetings, poetry, book reviews, communications, and reports from Theta Alpha chapters around the world. The Theta Alpha Journal also helps stimulate the ongoing conversation about education within the walls of New Church educational institutions as well as education found along the path of life.

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Current Issue

  • Theta Alpha Journal November 2017 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • President’s Message, by Melodie Greer
    • Excerpts from “A Definiton of Education”, by George deCharms
    • Newborn (poem), by Laurel Odhner Powell
    • Ladies of the Moon (poem), by Laurel Odhner Powell
    • Whole Learning, Deep Understanding, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
    • How My Grandfather Read a Book, by Laurel Odhner Powell
    • A Letter of Confidence, by Estelle Rogers
    • The Candle Flame (poem), by Estelle Rogers
    • Lifeline, by Abbey Nash
    • False Face (poem), by Brielle Williams
    • The Wigmaker, by Lara Muth
    • Under More Celestial Influences, by Helen Kennedy
    • The Shoes, by Caira Bongers
    • Threads That Bond, by Midje Kerr
    • Theta Alpha Luncheon October 14, 2016,
    • Addendum, by Carol Henderson
    • Chapter Reports
    • Executive Committee Members 2017-2018
    • Chapter Presidents 2017-2018
    • Averting the Flame Wars, by Melanie & Sylvia Odhner

Dues and donations

Three ways to pay dues ($15 US):

1) Pay with a credit card or PayPal online.
Click the Pay Dues/Donate button below to pay dues and make an optional donation to the General Fund.

2) Those in the United States may send a check for dues and any optional donation (payable to Theta Alpha International) to TAI, Box 154, Bryn Athyn, PA 19009.

3) Members outside the United States may send payment to a chapter leader or treasurer. Please indicate any donation, above and beyond dues, to the General Fund.

Daily Inspiration

"Being able to provide arguments to support whatever you want is not intelligence; intelligence is being able to see that what is true is true."

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