Theta Alpha Journal

Theta Alpha Journal is a semi-annual magazine (normally published in October and April) devoted to the furtherance of New Church education. It is the official journal of Theta Alpha International, an organization open to all women interested in supporting New Church education.

The magazine typically includes articles on education, articles on life's lessons in the light of New Church doctrine, addresses and minutes from the Theta Alpha International annual meetings, poetry, book reviews, communications, and reports from Theta Alpha chapters around the world. The Theta Alpha Journal also helps stimulate the ongoing conversation about education within the walls of New Church educational institutions as well as education found along the path of life.

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Current Issue

Theta Alpha Journal 2015 May (PDF)

Inside this issue:

  • “How Can We Help You?”, by Melodie Greer
  • Editor's Notes: An Opportunity to Continue, by Helen Kennedy
  • Ode to My Shoulders, by Chelsea Rose Odhner
  • From Powerful to Powerless, by Kris Earle
  • Every Morning , by Meg Eynon
  • Handmade: Readers’ Quilting and Embroidery , by The Marriage of Empress Elizabeth
  • in the Spiritual World , by Helen Kennedy
  • Ten Good Things About Marriage, by Lori Odhner
  • Between, by Amanda Leigh Rogers
  • When Does It Go Wrong?, by Bronwen Henry
  • The Awkward Ideal of Freedom, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
  • Call for Art Submissions!
  • In This Place, by Clarinda Alden Koenig
  • Readers Respond~Technology: Love/Hate It
  • Websites of Interest, by Chelsea Rose Odhner
  • Chapter Reports
  • Theta Alpha International Annual Meeting Minutes
  • Bylaws of the Theta Alpha International
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Executive Committee Members 2014-2015
  • Chapter Presidents 2014-2015

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord cannot appear to anybody, not even to an angel, unless the one to whom He appears is in a state of innocence."

Arcana Coelestia 3519:6