Theta Alpha Journal archive

2017 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal November 2017 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • President’s Message, by Melodie Greer
    • Excerpts from “A Definiton of Education”, by George deCharms
    • Newborn (poem), by Laurel Odhner Powell
    • Ladies of the Moon (poem), by Laurel Odhner Powell
    • Whole Learning, Deep Understanding, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
    • How My Grandfather Read a Book, by Laurel Odhner Powell
    • A Letter of Confidence, by Estelle Rogers
    • The Candle Flame (poem), by Estelle Rogers
    • Lifeline, by Abbey Nash
    • False Face (poem), by Brielle Williams
    • The Wigmaker, by Lara Muth
    • Under More Celestial Influences, by Helen Kennedy
    • The Shoes, by Caira Bongers
    • Threads That Bond, by Midje Kerr
    • Theta Alpha Luncheon October 14, 2016,
    • Addendum, by Carol Henderson
    • Chapter Reports
    • Executive Committee Members 2017-2018
    • Chapter Presidents 2017-2018
    • Averting the Flame Wars, by Melanie & Sylvia Odhner
  • Theta Alpha Journal Spring 2017 (PDF)

2016 Issues

Theta Alpha Journal 2016 May (PDF)

2015 Issues

Theta Alpha Journal 2015 May (PDF)

    Inside this issue:

    • “How Can We Help You?”, by Melodie Greer
    • Editor’s Notes: An Opportunity to Continue, by Helen Kennedy
    • Ode to My Shoulders, by Chelsea Rose Odhner
    • From Powerful to Powerless, by Kris Earle
    • Every Morning , by Meg Eynon
    • Handmade: Readers’ Quilting and Embroidery , by The Marriage of Empress Elizabeth
    • in the Spiritual World , by Helen Kennedy
    • Ten Good Things About Marriage, by Lori Odhner
    • Between, by Amanda Leigh Rogers
    • When Does It Go Wrong?, by Bronwen Henry
    • The Awkward Ideal of Freedom, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
    • Call for Art Submissions!
    • In This Place, by Clarinda Alden Koenig
    • Readers Respond~Technology: Love/Hate It
    • Websites of Interest, by Chelsea Rose Odhner
    • Chapter Reports
    • Theta Alpha International Annual Meeting Minutes
    • Bylaws of the Theta Alpha International
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Executive Committee Members 2014-2015
    • Chapter Presidents 2014-2015

2013 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal-2013-04 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • A Letter From TAI Executive Committee
    • Charter Day Banquet Address 2012, by B. Erik Odhner
    • Two Genders, Two Worlds, by Susan Olson Odhner; Gil Reuter Cooper
    • Young People Aren’t Interested in God, by Bronwen Mayer Henry
    • Sin Bravely, by Kimberly Blair Hanna
    • Midwife To The Story, by Amanda Rogers-Petro
    • New Church Music Scholarship Fund, by Chara Cooper Daum
    • Wind (Poem), by Barbara Leonard Posey
    • Forest Gardens, by Lincoln Smith
    • Letters To the Editor, by Wendy Soneson; Peggy Mergen; Nancy Allen Alford
    • The Awkward Notion of Self Esteem, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
    • Spiritual Science, by Karin Alfelt Childs
    • Book Review, by Penny Rhodes
    • “Is Anybody There? Does Anybody Care?”, by Melodie Greer

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