Theta Alpha Journal archive

2019 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal April 2019 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • What Does it Mean to Love or Acknowledge the Lord?, by Julia Robinson
    • Role of the Arts in Preparing New Church Teachers, by Angela Rose
    • Springtime (poem), by Margit Irwin
    • The Life of the Party, by Madison Zagorski
    • Book Review: My Own Four Walls, by Don Rose, review by Kristin King
    • and more!

2018 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal November 2018 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • Elijah, by Nadine Rogers
    • Responses to DeCharms Philosophy, by Greg Henderson and Gail Simons
    • Meditations on Heavenly Communities, by Helen Kennedy
    • Love Wants to be Sent Out Again, by Sarah Walker Ralls
    • And more!
  • Theta Alpha Journal April 2018 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • Excerpt from “The Philosophy of New Church Education” by George de Charmes, excerpted by Angela Rose
    • The Word is Alive! Excerpt from “Doctrine” from Fall 1983 by Shareen Blair
    • Logopraxis Responses
    • Biography of an Artist by Peggy Merrell
    • And more!

2017 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal Autumn 2017 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • Whole Learning, Deep Understanding, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
    • How My Grandfather Read a Book, by Laurel Odhner Powell
    • Excerpts from Fiction of New Church Writers, Various Authors
    • The Shoes, by Caira Bongers
    • And more!
  • Theta Alpha Journal Spring 2017 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • Responses to “Parents and New Church Education,” by Various responses
    • Then and Now, by Ruth Parker Goodenough
    • Take Me, Entrance, Dream, I Grow (poems), by Irene Odhner
    • Kainon School Westville, South Africa, by Jane Lumsden Edmunds
    • And more!

2016 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal 2016 Autumn (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • I Know You’re There but I Can’t Feel You, by Kris Earle
    • The Minister’s Wife, by Mary Margaret Zattey-Agboga
    • Interviews (people who make clothing), by Various Authors
    • Life in Nepal, by Nadine Rogers
    • And more!
  • Theta Alpha Journal 2016 May (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • Earthquake Hymns, by Nadine Rogers
    • Gardening, by Various Authors
    • General Church Religious Lessons and the General Church, by Sarah Bruell Odhner
    • The War and Us: A Review of My Grandma’s Memories, by Hilda Rogers
    • And more!

2015 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal 2015 November (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • We Are Mary, by Solomon Keal
    • The Compost Heap, by Anna Woofenden
    • Artists, by Various Authors
    • Spiritual Reminisences, by Paula Roschman Niall
    • And more!
  • Theta Alpha Journal 2015 May (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • When Does It Go Wrong? (poem), by Bronwen Henry
    • The Awkward Ideal of Freedom, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
    • Quilting, by Various Authors
    • Empress Elizabeth, by Helen Kennedy
    • And more!

2013 Issues

  • Theta Alpha Journal-2013-04 (PDF)
    Inside this issue:

    • A Letter From TAI Executive Committee
    • Charter Day Banquet Address 2012, by B. Erik Odhner
    • Two Genders, Two Worlds, by Susan Olson Odhner; Gil Reuter Cooper
    • Young People Aren’t Interested in God, by Bronwen Mayer Henry
    • Sin Bravely, by Kimberly Blair Hanna
    • Midwife To The Story, by Amanda Rogers-Petro
    • New Church Music Scholarship Fund, by Chara Cooper Daum
    • Wind (Poem), by Barbara Leonard Posey
    • Forest Gardens, by Lincoln Smith
    • Letters To the Editor, by Wendy Soneson; Peggy Mergen; Nancy Allen Alford
    • The Awkward Notion of Self Esteem, by Linda Simonetti Odhner
    • Spiritual Science, by Karin Alfelt Childs
    • Book Review, by Penny Rhodes
    • “Is Anybody There? Does Anybody Care?”, by Melodie Greer

Daily Inspiration

"Nobody can be joined to the Lord except by means of love and charity. Love is spiritual conjunction itself."

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