Beauty in the stormAugust 30 - September 13, 2020

"Into each life, some rain must fall..." - The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Each of us will have some hard times, some storms in our life. Can we find something during hard times to keep us going? Explore with us in this three part series.

Part 1 - Facing hopelessness

Hopelessness creates inertia, resisting our ability to move freely. In the midst of storms with their uncertainty and darkness, a sense of hopelessness can silently settle into our souls, stifling the better angels of our nature, paralyzing us with worry and concern. How do we face that hopelessness with God’s help?

Part 2 - Faith to move

Moving beyond the storms may require us to take risks, to trust in a way that lies beyond our private imagination. That leap outside our comfort zone can be hard, so how do we find the faith to move? Such faith is not about finding the “perfect” way to see the world, but instead it is a challenging call to action.

Part 3 - Pushing toward beauty

Settled as we are in the relative comforts of 21st century life, what do we stand to learn from the tumultuous nature of the world Jesus walked in? Political intrigue, rebellion, and civil war were very much real and at play. It is a lesson about tumultuous times within us.

Jesus offered the “Beatitudes,” joined by actions that clearly offered a stark alternative to the forces of darkness that surrounded them. It was a storm that pushed towards beauty – a powerful message for our time.

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord's inmost joy was the salvation of the human race, which He had had in view in the union of Himself with His Father."

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