Better togetherSeptember 2-16, 2018

Find community

Break through the silence of unconcern

"The hallmark of love is not loving ourselves but loving others and being united to them through love. The hallmark of love is also being loved by others because this is how we are united. Truly, the essence of all love is to be found in union, in the life of love that we call joy, delight, pleasure, sweetness, blessedness, contentment, and happiness.
The essence of love is that what is ours should belong to someone else. Feeling the joy of someone else as joy within ourselves--that is loving."
(Emanuel Swedenborg, Divine Love and Wisdom 47)

Bring what we know into life

"Religion is all about how we live, and the religious way to live is to do good."
(Doctrine of Life 1)

We are indeed better in community

Daily Inspiration

"People in the stream of providence are being carried along constantly towards happier things, whatever appearance the means may present."

Arcana Coelestia 8478:4