Christmas 2017December 3-24, 2017

Do not be afraid... Peace on earth, goodwill toward humanity!

Advent is a time of waiting, expectancy, and hope.

For thousands of years, Christians have kept telling the story of Christmas, and living the story.

Let it lead to an advent in your heart.

Part 2 - Faith

Why has God chosen to bring something creative and life-changing to you?

It's not a bad question, but it's not exactly the right question either.

The only pressing question is: will you celebrate and faithfully receive this new life?

Part 3 - Joy

What does it mean to step into joy?

Christmas Eve

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord has given the Word to mankind, and also to angels, so that by means of it they may be with Him. Indeed the Word is the means by which earth is united to heaven, and heaven to the Lord."

Arcana Coelestia 3476