FreedomJuly 2, 2017

On July 4th, Independence Day, the United States celebrates freedom.

What exactly is freedom? What does freedom look like in your lives?

Freedom is one of God's essential gifts to each of us.

"Our free choice comes from our sense that we have life within us as if it were our own. God allows us to feel this way for the sake of our partnership [with Him]. A partnership with God would not be possible if it were not reciprocal, and it becomes reciprocal when we act freely, and completely as if we were on our own. If we were not allowed by God to feel this way, we would not be human and our life would not be eternal." (Emanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity 504:7)

Daily Inspiration

"Even if a person could know from heaven all the things that the angels know, or know all things that are in the Word and that are in all the doctrines of the church, and even everything that wise people have written and councils decreed, and yet their will be evil, they would after death be seen as one who knows nothing, because they do not desire what they know."

DeVerbo 13