God, what have You called us to?


How can we move beyond yourself to yield to a purpose greater than our imagined self?

God, will You re-ignite Your people to Be The Church You have called us to be?

To remember differently

It is so easy to center our memories totally on the traumas of life, the storms. But Christ asks us to remember as well the blessings, none of which is more important than the miracle of mutual love, of the figurative breaking of bread and sharing it. If we can remember both, we will come to see that in life's challenges, the "last straw" and "the first spark" often occur hand-in-hand.

Hear one friend's attempt to save another during the Korean War, showing that memory of love in the midst of storm.

Be Christ's Body

How can we allow others, who are in need, to touch us? And put ourselves in a place where we can?

How can we move beyond ourself to yield to a purpose greater than our imagined self?

Daily Inspiration

"People in the stream of providence are being carried along constantly towards happier things, whatever appearance the means may present."

Arcana Coelestia 8478:4