How to disagree like an angelSeptember 20, 2020

Join Curtis Childs, host of the Off The Left Eye YouTube Channel, to explore ways we can get better at having productive, civil conversations.

Think about a personal conversation, an organizational conversation, national, or global. Is there a conversation you wish you were better at having?

"Where neighborly love is absent, self-love is present, along with hatred for anyone who does not cater to oneself. That is why people who lack neighborly love see nothing in their neighbor besides that neighbor's evil. If they see anything good in the person, they either dismiss it or put a bad interpretation on it....
Those who are guided by kindness, on the other hand, hardly even notice evil in another but pay attention instead to everything good and true in the person. When they do find anything bad or false, they put a good interpretation on it. This is a characteristic of all angels — one they acquire from the Lord, who bends everything bad toward good."
(Emanuel Swedenborg, Secrets of Heaven 1079)

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord's presence with us first becomes possible when we love our neighbor."

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