Love winsJune 12 - 26, 2011

Does Jesus rescue you from God? What kind of God is that?

In his bestselling book "Love Wins", Rob Bell asks questions that many of us wonder about. He tells how millions of people were taught that the primary message of the Bible is that God will send you to hell, unless you believe in Jesus. Does Jesus rescue you from God? What kind of God is that, that we need to be rescued? How can that be good news?

That's why many people want nothing to do with Christianity, they see it as an incredible list of absurdities and inconsistencies.

Let's look at these questions from a New Church perspective.

Thriving in God's good world

Does God get what He wants?

Daily Inspiration

"Even if a person could know from heaven all the things that the angels know, or know all things that are in the Word and that are in all the doctrines of the church, and even everything that wise people have written and councils decreed, and yet their will be evil, they would after death be seen as one who knows nothing, because they do not desire what they know."

DeVerbo 13