Moving forwardMarch 8-22, 2020

What do we do in the immediate aftermath of loss?

When the storm hits

How do we sit in this time, a time without easy answers - when the immediacy of loss feels both debilitating and forever?

In the face of covid-90

90 days ago there was no such thing as "covid-19." Now the corona virus is radically impacting our lives.

This is an important time for churches and others to offer comfort, service, and care as God gives us to see it.

Straining towards meaning

Human beings, created as they are by God, strain towards finding meaning. Different than explanation, "meaning" is about context, perspective, holding onto a bigger picture which we often only sense dimly. It is hard to move forward in life or when faced with the current crisis around Covid-19 if we hold that life in the end, inevitably, crashes into meaninglessness.

Let's look at that concept of "meaning" and how it connects to what the Bible calls, "the most excellent way", which is the way of love.

Daily Inspiration

"The activity of the will is the real person, not thought or utterance of that which they do not will."

Arcana Coelestia 379