Sgt. Matthew Pennington

Resiliency is often about a choice to keep moving forward in our lives. At times, that movement can be painful. And in the end, we may learn how to turn it over to God in a new way.

This is Sgt. Matthew Pennington's story as he worked through losing a leg in Iraq and battling PTSD.

Needing to choose. Not wanting to choose.
 But being able to choose. And choosing life. 

There is much wisdom in the words above by Walter Brueggemann. They tell us how we might think about resiliency. In many of the challenging areas of life, the last thing we want to believe is that we have a choice. But we always do, in at least some fashion.

Three buckets

Everyone faces trials in their lives: families fall apart; death of a loved one; financial problems, etc.

Are there practices that can help us move forward? We do have choices.

"It is no exaggeration to say that resilience is an essential ingredient for success in life, if not the most essential ingredient."

Join us for some practical suggestions.

Daily Inspiration

"Even if a person could know from heaven all the things that the angels know, or know all things that are in the Word and that are in all the doctrines of the church, and even everything that wise people have written and councils decreed, and yet their will be evil, they would after death be seen as one who knows nothing, because they do not desire what they know."

DeVerbo 13