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Each daily email in this program features a scriptural passage from the Christmas story, followed by readings touching on some aspect of the passage. At the end of the readings for each day is a set of reflections, together with some questions for consideration. There are twenty-six readings in all, designed to carry you from December 1st through Christmas day, with one extra reading for the day after, looking forward into the new year.

The qualities of trust, confidence, and strength in the Lord are evident throughout the Christmas story. We see them, for example, in Zacharias and Elizabeth, who were righteous before God, and who walked in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless. We see them in Mary’s response to Gabriel when she said, “Let it be to me according to your word;” also in Joseph who was a just man, who did as the angel commanded him, and who took Mary to be his wife. We see them in the shepherds, who went to see the great wonder that had come to pass. We see them in the man Simeon, who waited patiently for the Consolation of Israel, and in Anna the prophetess, who served God with fastings and prayers, and who spoke of the Lord to all in Jerusalem who sought redemption. And finally, we see these qualities in the wise men, who followed a star with determination, who fell down and worshiped the infant Lord, and who followed divine guidance—refusing to return to evil king Herod, and departing for their own country another way.

Our hope is that these readings, together with worship services and church events available throughout the world, will provide a sense of uplift and spiritual renewal in your life this Christmas season, as you continue to grow in trust, confidence, and strength in the Lord.

New Church groups typically involve an opening prayer, reflection, discussion, and the sharing of thoughts and ideas from participants. No prior experience is required and all are welcome, although typically groups are for adults (18+) unless otherwise specified.

These groups will meet once a week for 4 weeks, at the same day and time each week. Groups usually use Zoom, but your group leader will contact you with specific login information for their group meetings. The topic this year is trust, confidence, and strength in the Lord.

Group Choices

  • Sunday at 9:15 am Mountain time, co-led by Kelly Woofenden and Sybil Smith, online
  • Wednesday at 6:30 pm Mountain time, led by Jean Atta, online from Phoenix
  • Wednesday at 7:00 pm Greenwich mean time, led by Grant Odhner, online from London
  • Wednesday at 8:00 pm Eastern time, led by Nathan Gladish, online from Boston
  • Wednesday at 8:00 pm Eastern time, led by Mark Pendleton, online from Chicago
  • Thursday at 6:30 pm Central time, co-led by Mary Valentine and John Odhner, online
  • Thursday at 7:00 pm Greenwich mean time, led by Erik Buss, online from Colchester

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    Reflect on the Powerful Reality of the Lord’s Birth into Our World.

    It is our hope that this set of Christmas readings will assist you in this process.