Daily Christmas readings

The New Church offers you a set of daily readings for Christmas.

Each daily email in this program features a scriptural passage from the Christmas story, followed by readings touching on some aspect of the theme of Savior, salvation, and safety in the Lord that is reflected in the Scriptural account. At the end of the readings for each day is a set of reflections, together with some questions for consideration. There are twenty-six readings in all, designed to carry you from December 1st through Christmas day, with a reading for the day after, looking forward into the new year.


Christmas is a time when we often focus on the Lord more than at other times of the year. Amidst all the preparations and festivities, we’re invited to reflect on the powerful reality of the Lord’s birth into our world. It is our hope that this set of Christmas readings will assist you in this process.

It is said that the Word of God holds within it countless truths of heaven and earth. Each time we read the Word, we can see something new in it. The “something new” this year is gathered around the theme of the Lord as Savior, also the process of salvation that He lays before us, and safety in Him. There are so many qualities that the Lord exhibits in His Word, and so many things that He does for us each day. Seen through this lens, all kinds of things jump out at us from what we read—ideas about the Lord Himself and how He leads us, things He calls us to consider and do in our lives, and ways in which He raises us up into new experiences of spiritual life.


We hope you will enjoy these Christmas readings. The Lord introduced Himself anew to the world by means of His birth on earth. He awakened in people’s minds the fact that there is a “kingdom of God” and a godly way of living that leads there.

Our hope is that these readings, together with worship services and church events available throughout the world, will provide a sense of uplift and spiritual renewal in your life this Christmas season, as you continue to grow in trust, confidence, and strength in the Lord.

Merry Christmas, from the New Church.

Daily Inspiration

"In proportion as a person is in the love of self, they are in hell, for in hell is the love of self."

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