Related Organizations

A number of church denominations and independent churches have formed using the insights of Emanuel Swedenborg.

While not as well known as Martin Luther, or John Calvin, or other theologians, the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg have influenced many people.  There are also secular organizations that further his work. Click below to explore them. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Church denominations

The New Church

You are currently visiting the main website of the New Church, legally known as The General Church of the New Jerusalem (General Church). We have churches throughout the world, and are headquartered in Bryn Athyn, PA.

Swedenborgian Church of North America

This denomination, also known as the General Convention of the New Church, is headquartered in Newton, MA with churches in North America.

General Conference of the New Church

General Conference, also known as Conference, is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

The Lord's New Church Which Is Nova Hierosolyma

This denomination ( is largely based in South Africa, with some members in the US.

New Church in Australia

The New Church in Australia is comprised of congregations in Australia.

The Philippine New Jerusalem Church

The Philippine New Jerusalem Church is comprised of a number of congregations in the Philippines.

Secular organizations

Swedenborg Foundation

The Swedenborg Foundation is the organization which publishes the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in the United States, as well as other books of Swedenborgian interest. You can purchase these books at our bookstore. Currently, in addition to other publications, the Foundation is in the process of preparing a new translation of Swedenborg's writings, now called the New Century Edition. Foundation also sponsors educational and informational programs.

Swedenborg Society

The Swedenborg Society is the organization which publishes the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in the United Kingdom, as well as other books of Swedenborgian interest. They also organize events, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, performances and film screenings.

Scandinavian Swedenborg Society

The Scandinavian Swedenborg Society is the organization which publishes the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in Scandinavia.

Swedenborg Scientific Association

The mission of the Swedenborg Scientific Association is: to publish the pre-theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg; to make known the ideas contained therein through available publishing media; to sponsor research into these works, both as to their relationship to the cultural environment of the 18th and following centuries, and to the development of Swedenborg's ideas as preparation for his role as revelator; and to publish collateral literature that supports the above.

Information Swedenborg

The mission of Information Swedenborg is to increase public interest in the life and work of Emanuel Swedenborg, believing that his Writings have essential value; foster spiritual awareness and understanding; promote individual conscience, compassion, and purpose; inspire improved standards of behavior between people; and contribute to the growth and evolution of society in general.

New Church Challenge

The mission of New Church Challenge is to provide services for people with special needs enabling them to live, learn, and socialize in the environment of a New Church community as far as possible, regardless of abilities.

Daily Inspiration

"Life constitutes the Church, not doctrine except in the measure that it becomes applicable to life."

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