Let us help you explore answers to questions about life, religion, and the Bible.

Some people think of religion as something ethereal, about life-after-death (if there is such a thing), but not applying to real life. They may say they are 'spiritual' but not 'religious,' or may find that everyday life overshadows religion. For others, religion seems hypocritical. In the New Church, we see religion as a way of helping us in our everyday life, a way to help us be happier, more productive people. Religion shouldn't get in the way of life and happiness, it should lead to it!

Life can be hard! Everyone is faced with trials and difficulties as they go through life. It may seem that some people have it easier than others. When you are faced with a real challenge, it can be difficult to know where to turn. For some people, religion or faith provides a basis to keep them going. But for others, religion seems to raise too many questions of its own; the Bible is full of apparent contradictions, or things that don’t make sense in light of what we experience or know. Is religion relevant in the world today?

The New Church provides a refreshing framework for understanding the Bible, and religion, and how to apply it to everyday life. Explore the pages in this section to explore crises, conflicts, and issues that many people are faced with in their lives, along with religious concepts that make sense.

Daily Inspiration

"Life constitutes the Church, not doctrine except in the measure that it becomes applicable to life."

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