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What Is the General Church?

The General Church of the New Jerusalem is a global Christian denomination which promotes the teachings of the Heavenly Doctrines and a life according to them. The General Church supports church societies and members by providing doctrinal instruction, fostering community, and supporting religious education.

What Membership Means:

Joining a community of people with shared values. Our church communities are enriched and sustained by the mutual loves we hold. Officially joining the General Church is another statement of those values, and an affirmation of your role as a church member.

Having the ability to more fully serve and be served by your church. When you become a member of the General Church:

  • You can become a member of a local society
  • You can vote in local society elections for leadership positions
  • You can serve in leadership positions for your local society, and for the General Church.
  • You can vote in the affirmation process of the bishop
  • You can join the General Church corporation

There is power in service. Please join the General Church and help us serve our neighbors.

Becoming a Member of the General Church

To become a member:

You can download and complete the membership application and mail it to the Office of the Bishop, PO Box 743, Bryn Athyn, PA, USA 19009-0708, or you may submit the form below.

To register over the phone, or if you need assistance, call (267) 508-2124 to speak with Member Services.

Online Form for General Church Membership

I hereby apply to be received as a member of The General Church of the New Jerusalem.

    By clicking "Send", I certify that:
    1) I have been baptized by a New Church pastor.
    2) I subscribe to the purpose and principles of the General Church.
    3) I am at least twenty years of age
    4) I have read and agree to the privacy policy

    Daily Inspiration

    "Heaven is wishing better for others than for ourselves with all our heart and serving others for the sake of their own happiness, not for any selfish goal but for love."

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