The Meaning of Life Is to Do Good

Participate in the life of love.

"Love consists in willing what one has to be another's, and in feeling the other's delight as delight within oneself. That is what it is to love." (Divine Love and Wisdom 47)

The Lord created each of us to experience the joy of a heavenly life, on earth and to eternity. We can participate in His divine intention by striving for our well-being and the well-being of others.

Every one of us contributes to the Lord’s Kingdom in our own way. People do this in countless different ways, each a unique expression of heavenly life. Amidst this diversity, though, universal principles apply to anyone's life. Let's focus on three key principles: serving others with love, shunning evil in ourselves, and expressing gratitude to the Lord.

Serving Others with Love

The purpose of life is to love others, and we can best express this by being useful. Usefulness goes beyond traditional acts of charity, like serving in soup kitchens, although these are commendable. Our daily work – our jobs, duties, and pursuits – provides countless opportunities to love the people we come in contact with.

For example, a bus driver can change the tone of someone's commute with a smile or kind word; she can honestly handle fares and even save lives by observing the rules of the road. She shares the Lord's love wherever she goes and whatever she does. In a thriving society, everyone can make a difference, no matter the role. As long as we're shunning evils and making an effort to be useful to others, we are loving our neighbors. Joining a community of other people committed to worshiping the Lord and pursuing these goals can strengthen us in our purpose.

Shunning Evil within Ourselves

But loving others can be ruined by selfishness and materialism. It's akin to the principle in medicine, "First do no harm." The good things we may strive to do can be tarnished and undermined by any disorderly behavior we partake in. Furthermore, our self-centered desires can get in the way of nobler intentions.

When we work with the Lord to put aside those evils, we become vessels through which He can flow into the world. We take part in a grand collaboration in which the Divine guides our actions to make the world a better place. While perfection is reserved for the Lord alone, when we make a conscious effort to put away evil in our lives, we take a transformative step towards cultivating love for others.

Feeling Grateful to the Lord

Finally, let's talk about gratitude. Embedded in the practices of shunning evil, serving others, and living in community is a beautiful secret: the Lord enriches such a life with joy. There is profound satisfaction in a life of use, and there is delight in sharing blessings from the Lord with those around us.

The Lord desires our happiness, urging us to experience the joy His love can bring. We can express gratitude to Him by allowing ourselves to bask in this joy, offering sincere praise and thanks to the source of love – our heavenly Father, the Lord God Jesus Christ.

"The Lord gives those who are performing useful functions a love for being useful, and also a reward for being useful, which is inner bliss; and this inner bliss is eternal happiness." (True Christianity 736)

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"Heaven is wishing better for others than for ourselves with all our heart and serving others for the sake of their own happiness, not for any selfish goal but for love."

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