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Swedenborgian theology is founded in the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments, and provide new insight into its meaning.

Emanuel Swedenborg, an eighteenth century theologian and scientist, provided a framework for understanding the Bible's internal meaning, as well as writing many additional volumes which shed light on why we're here and how to develop a functional relationship with God. Sometimes New Church theology is referred to as Swedenborgian theology.

The New Christian Bible Study website is perfect for reading Swedenborg's works online. With many versions and translations, Click on a book from the left menu list it provides, and click the "Read Next" button to progress through the sections of the book. This site also provides access to the Bible. A search mechanism is provided, both for Swedenborg's Writings and the Bible.


Read Swedenborg's books online.

The Swedenborg Library Digital Collection (at, brings together a selection of correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, books, journals, maps and other materials that document the life and works of Emanuel Swedenborg, and the history of the New Church. These digital images are fully searchable and are available for private use, scholarly research and educational purposes.


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"Wisdom, understanding, reason, and knowledge are not ours but the Lord's."

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