Camps and Retreats

The New Church offers a number of annual camps and retreats designed to bring people together in an environment which stimulates spiritual growth and learning.

Camps range from those geared toward families, to teen groups, to elders. While many of them take place in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, others are scattered around the US, and some are located in Canada and the UK.

Each event places the Lord at its center, but the focus is different depending on which camp you attend. Some are doctrinal and others target areas like relationships, teen issues, or general life skills. All incorporate fun, relaxation, and social interaction as key components of the experience.

Please see below for a list of camps and retreats offered:


  • From June 27-30, 2024, the New Church will host the General Church Assembly, a summer gathering in Bryn Athyn, PA for adults, teens, and children. Visit for details, and to register.

Camps in Bryn Athyn, PA

  • Tools 4 Life is a career and life skills camp designed to help teenagers who have completed grades 10 and 11 develop the tools and confidence needed to make choices about their path after high school. The camp offers 7 days of activities and workshops under the mentorship of skilled counselors. Visit or email to learn more.
  • Academy of the New Church Summer Camp is geared to students who have completed grades 8 or 9, helping to familiarize them with the Academy Secondary Schools. It also allows for New Church young people to socialize in a friendly and informal, but chaperoned environment. Visit to learn more.
  • Glencairn Museum Medieval Camp is a camp for ages 9 & 10. Campers will explore medieval culture by participating in activities that include cooking, crafts, boar hunts, sword play and archery. Glencairn Museum’s outstanding medieval collection will be used to illustrate stories from the Bible and to study the religious art of the Middle Ages. The daily program will begin with a Christian prayer and reading from scripture.
  • Cathedral Summer Camp is a camp for ages 3-7, from June 26-30, 2023. Five mornings of worship, play, singing, arts and crafts, games and more await your 3- to 7-year-old on the grounds of the beautiful Bryn Athyn Cathedral. More information to follow in late March.

Camps Around the US

  • Laurel Family Camp is a summer church camp with activities, worship, and instruction based on the Lord's Word and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The focus of this camp is to draw people together and build a true sense of spiritual community. Several sessions (one week each) are held in Laurel Hill State Park, Pennsylvania, in July and August of each year. Visit for more information and registration forms.
  • Jacob's Creek Family Retreat is a summer church retreat held in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. Besides daily worship, the retreat includes instruction and activities revolving around the Lord's Word and the Heavenly Doctrine as revealed through Emanuel Swedenborg. The focus of this retreat is to assist participants in building a strong foundation of doctrinal understanding for spiritual growth. Visit for more information. Or visit their Facebook page at
  • Aspen Camp is a church camp for teenagers between ages 13 and 18, sponsored by The New Church of Boulder Valley. The camp takes place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The campers participate in interactive workshops, worship and prayer, small group exercises, outdoor activities, and music and fun with friends. Contact The New Church of Boulder Valley for more information. 303-443-9220
  • Rocky Mountain Retreat is an annual church retreat weekend in Estes Park, Colorado. The retreat serves families, couples, singles, children and grandparents. The camp aims to provide a fun and relaxing atmosphere in which participants are able to make active progress on their spiritual path. The sense of community strengthens as people worship, learn, and play together. Contact The New Church of Boulder Valley for more information. 303-443-9220
  • Boynton Beach Retreat is an inspirational, educational and social conference for adults who would enjoy spending four days exploring various areas of interest from a New Church viewpoint.  The Retreat takes place in Florida each year in late January in an attractive facility where the speakers, both ministers and lay men and women, give classes on a doctrinal study or their area of expertise.  For more information, contact: Director Bob Brickman at:
  • New Church of Boulder Valley Women's Retreat is an annual weekend away for women of all ages. Through fellowship, worship, workshops, small groups, activities and nurturing food, women are rejuvenated and renewed. For more information contact The New Church of Boulder Valley 303-443-9220.
  • Cascadia Church Retreat is an annual church retreat held in July at the Cornet Bay Retreat Center in beautiful Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island, WA. Hosted by Cascadia New Church, the retreat is a place for people of all ages to make connections, engage in spiritual development, spread joy, and help build a sense of belonging. The program includes interactive children's worship services and activities, adult worship and classes, and recreational and social time. For more information visit:

Canada, the UK, and Europe

  • Maple Leaf Academy is a teen church camp in Palgrave, Ontario in Canada. The campers are mentored towards spiritual growth in an environment filled with music, worship, prayer, and wholesome fun. There's plenty of social interaction ranging from small group exercises to communal activities. Visit their website at or contact to learn more.
  • British Academy Summer School is a church camp for teens and young adults in Warwickshire, UK. The camp allows participants to interact with other spiritually-minded young people in a relaxed and fun environment. Days at BASS are characterized by worship, learning, sports, creative activities, and outings to places of interest. Please visit to download application forms.
  • Scandinavian Family Weekend is an annual event hosted by the Copenhagen, Jonkoping and Stockholm groups, typically in May. The weekend includes activities for all age groups, including stimulating instruction, debate and social activities. Activities will predominantly be held in a Nordic language, but all are welcome to attend. Contact:

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