New Church Groups

Bringing people together for spiritual connection and community.

There’s something deeply satisfying and fulfilling about building spiritual relationships with the Lord, the Word, and with each other in person or through a live online presence. Gain understanding and empathy. Get closer to the heart and soul. Feel recharged and renewed.

Check out the groups listed here. Most are online (via Zoom). A few are in-person only. For details about a group and its leader, contact us at or (267) 508-2124. Also, would you like to have your group listed here? Let us know!

Monday Groups

Young Adults Group

Led by Jacob Olsen | Mondays 8:30 pm ET | Online

This group meets on Disccord to discuss the "topic of the day," which is anything of interest that the group would like to chat about on that given Monday. To learn more or attend a meeting, contact Jake at

Tuesday Groups

Our Inflowing Mental Life

Led by Grant Odhner | Tuesdays once a month 8 pm GMT+1 | Online

In this class we will explore a selection from Emanuel Swedenborg's "Arcana Coelestia" where he discusses our "inflowing mental life." It is a fascinating look at the nature of our mind—of the fact that our affections and thoughts inflow from the spiritual world, through spirits and angels associated with us. This concept provides us with tools to understand and work with the Lord in freeing us from evil and connecting us with sources of heavenly life. The reading will take six classes. To access the readings or join the next class, please email

Wednesday Groups

Bible Study Class

Led by Rev Jared Buss | 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 10 am ET | 7113 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh

This class is simply about gathering to read the Word together, and pausing to discuss and reflect on its meaning and application to our lives. Currently we’re reading and discussing the gospel of Mark, with the goal of learning how to live a heavenly life. Contact Rev Jared at

Dad's Group

Led by Rev. Malcolm Smith | One Wednesday a month, multiple meeting times | Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

Want to be more intentional in the way you approach being a dad? Want to have the chance to get to know some other dads? Want to be exposed to different ideas about parenthood and have the chance to discuss them? How do you make all these things happen in one magical place? Dads Group. This group meets monthly on a Wednesday, with two sections. There is a 6:45 am meeting at the Bryn Athyn Scout Building and a 7:30 pm meeting at the Bryn Athyn Church School Library. Walk-ins welcome. Please visit to learn more, or email

Read, Share, Pray

Led by Nathan and Elise Gladish | Wednesdays 8 pm ET | Online

This one-hour weekly group experience is an opportunity to get to know the Lord's Word and one another better by exploring what the Lord teaches us and praying for help in applying what we learn to our daily lives. Read the Word and the works of Swedenborg, share insights with each other, and pray for help to do the Lord's will. Contact us to learn more or join on Zoom.

That Was Then, This is Now - Caring for our Elderly Parents

Led by Nina Cooper Dewees | 2nd Wednesdays 7:15 pm ET | Online

After helping to care for her own mom in the final years of her life, Nina realized how significant and challenging this chapter of life can be for caregivers. This group supports those caring for their aging parents by creating a space to check-in, share experiences, and discuss various topics. Contact us to get in touch with Nina, and she will add you to the reminder email list and give you the zoom link:

Thursday Groups

Becoming: A Women's Support Group

Led by Charlotte Gyllenhaal | Thursdays 8 pm ET | Online

We are constantly growing, changing, evolving - becoming. Join us as we explore the process together! This group is currently full. If you are interested in joining a waitlist, email us at

Discussing Swedenborg

Led by John Odhner and Mary Valentine | Thursdays 7:30 pm ET | Online

Have you found value in Swedenborg's books and their approach to God, heaven, the Bible, and spiritual life? This group is for you! We discuss passages from the Bible and Swedenborg, and invite everyone to share their own perspectives, questions, or insights. The meeting generally lasts two hours, but you are welcome to join for any portion of that time. Email or join on Zoom.

Reading the Gospels

Led by Rev. Andy Dibb | Thursdays 7:30 pm ET | Online

Join Andy Dibb on a walk through the gospels! All are welcome, so grab your Bible and come along as we read and discuss the New Testament. See you there! Join on Zoom or reach out to Andy at

Reading and Understanding Arcana Caelestia

Led by Rev. John Odhner | Thursdays 4 pm ET | Cairnwood Village, PA
This group enjoys exploring the internal sense of Genesis and Exodus through the 12-volume work published by Emanuel Swedenborg. Each class covers approximately 20 pages of reading per week. The emphasis is on how these teachings show up in our lives. Attend in person or by phone. Contact for details.

Swedenborg Book Study

Led by Nathan Gladish | Twice monthly on Thursdays 8 pm ET | Online

Join us to study books by Emanuel Swedenborg and learn from each other's thoughtful questions and comments. We follow a schedule of readings for each meeting. Pastor Nathan Gladish hosts this open-ended discussion with lots of participation. We welcome anyone with an interest in this amazing theological approach. For more information or a schedule of readings and meeting dates, contact Nathan at To join the Zoom call, click here.

What We Do

  • Help you find or create a New Church group that fits your spiritual interests and needs, because we believe the world needs more spiritually oriented community-building groups.
  • Provide guidance and support to help leaders and groups succeed in their goals. Our simple, powerful methods of building community in groups are based on decades of experience by collaborative leaders.
  • Offer web-based resources as well as personalized leadership training and mentoring. We share time-tested recommendations that encourage and empower people to find or create spiritual community in groups.

Why Do We Care?

  • We want you to enjoy what Jesus promised His disciples: “Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)
  • We want you to experience spiritual life in relationship with others: “All the life a person has comes from the Lord by way of communities.” (Emanuel Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia 8794)
  • We are eager to help you make heavenly community a down-to-earth part of your daily life!
  • Whether you recently learned about the New Church or you are already involved in a congregation, we hope participating in New Church groups will bring you added blessings.

Daily Inspiration

"All good which is going to bear any fruit begins in the Lord, and unless it comes from Him it is not good."

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